Wedding Rehearsal: It looked so easy on TV.
Everything looked practically picture perfect, at least the decorations and everything else were in place. The priest was preparing for the two of them to take the walk down the aisle to be sworn in, or whatever it was that they did. Reii wasn't certain, but he was hoping not to burst into flames or something similar when they went up there and did all of their nonsense. He was leaning up against the outside of the building, he wasn't wearing anything special. It was just a rehearsal after all, nothing like the real thing. Which was why the fluttering nervous feeling in his stomach came as a complete surprise.

All it was was a bunch of timing, reciting a few words and kissing the blushing bride, right? front of a crowd, that was to be an experience. One he wasn't sure he particularly liked. Peeking through the front doors of the humble hall they had claimed for the event made the fluttery feeling spike in his belly.

"Nng, beautiful." He muttered to himself.

Testing, Testing...OOC Open to input!
So, hi if anyone is reading this on my old friend's page or whoever else decides to poke around in here. I'm kind of trying to plot something out and some input or even participation would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway! I was planning on having my muse here plot to take over the world, or several worlds, or a large section of this one. Some kind of nigh invincible army or something, or maybe he just managed to make himself crazy strong or...I don't know. The point is, it would be fun for him to be a king for awhile, or be defeated by an opposing force, or even subjugate people.

Thoughts, objections, think this is the stupidest thing you've ever heard? << Letting me know would be the awesomest.
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